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    Inspiring, high-impact, authentic, educational, engaging, Richard Hardon is committed to delivering a fantastic outcome for your upcoming event. As an in-demand motivational keynote speaker, event planner, and business transformation expert, he is committed to your success. He is renowned for his charismatic personality, dynamic and interactive training style and ability to connect with audiences at a deeper level.



    No Matter Your Needs, Richard Has You Covered

    Keynotes / Speaking

    Co-Founder and Manager

    Richard’s keynote programs help audiences in boosting their performance and productivity, conquer change, boost resilience and create a momentum mindset to accelerate success. He combines understanding with education and experience to produce a motivational keynote speech.

    Coaching / Consulting

    CEO Assistant & Co-Founder

    Want to accelerate your success? Richard’s coaching helps you enhance productivity and accelerate your results.

    Books / Resources

    Business Assistant

    Don’t miss out Richard’s upcoming series of books where you’ll learn about tips to conquer change, boost resilience and achieve success.

    Are You Ready to Build a Momentum Mindset?

    Powerful Insights.

    Practical Solutions. Proven Results.

    Richard’s keynote and coaching programs help organization boost productivity and performance, accelerate results and achieve success.

    Richard’s Programs Help You:

    Become more adaptable

    Improve environment at workplace

    Increase employee engagement

    Increase morale

    Boost performance and productivity

    Improve relationships and encourage teamwork


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