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Power Networking

Want More Prospects? More Referrals? More Business? More Jobs? More Dates?

This session is for you!

If you’re a Sales Professional, A Business Owner, A Job Searcher or a Professional Networker…you know firsthand that times are tough. The world of building a business, landing a deal or getting a job have changed tremendously. Do you remember that we used to get it all done before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Websites and Blogs? Despite all of the things technology has allowed us to do, one thing hasn’t changed. Those with the most contacts, the best relationships and the understanding of how to effectively leverage them succeed. Simply stated your Network = Net Worth.

If Networking is so crucial to success, why don’t more people do it? Most people simply don’t know how …They are filled with anxiety about what might happen at the cocktail party, networking event or even on the elevator. Well HAVE NO FEAR .,….POWER NETWORKING is HERE!

In this session we will teach you the approaches, strategies and techniques to Network with Posture, Professionalism and POWER. Don’t Miss it….

See the Power of Interaction in Action

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    Power Persuasion

    Have you ever needed someone to just say YES?

    Have you ever needed someone to agree with you and move to action based on that agreement?

    Needed to close a sale or important business deal? Do more club members to step up and lead? Do your children need to eat their vegetables and go to bed on time?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, Persuasion Power is for you! The #1 skill of an effective leader is communication; the number one skill of a legendary leader is persuasive communication.

    In this action packed, highly interactive study of the nature and art of persuasion. During this session students will laugh, learn and leverage the Power of Persuasion.

    This conversation is for everyone. People who have to persuade professionally and personally. From the salesman that needs to close a multi-million dollar deal to the mother who needs to get her kids to eat their vegetables. We all must influence and impact others. This course teaches you what to say and how to say it.