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Richard Hardon is one of the top-rated event planners and keynote speakers. He will do whatever it takes to make your next event a big success. From the moment you book him for your corporate event, he becomes part of your team and helps you in every event planning activity. As an experienced event planner and keynote speaker, he understands that every audience is unique. So, he is committed to creating your event customized and personalized. His goal is to add so much value for your event.

He creates an unforgettable interactive experience that encourages audiences to make changes in their lives and ultimately transforming them into great leaders. He inspires the audience to confront internal and external limitations. His inspiring keynote speaking and event planning sparks a passion within each individual and motivates them to work smartly for their goals.

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    As an energizing and motivational event planner and keynote speaker, Richard focuses on making your event a resounding success. If you have booked him for your next event, that’s great. Richard has planned many corporate events over the years.

    He understands that even a little detail is important for your event. He does thorough research and creates a highly customized program for you. Richard is renowned for his adaptable style and personalized talks.

    He engages your audience with humor and encouragement. He is ready to create buzz for your upcoming event. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact Richard! He is here to make things as easy as possible for you.