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“Up! 5 Steps for Explosive Growth and Success”

Up! is a unique interactive Keynote experience designed to literally get the audience up on their feet and moving. This message and its passionate delivery earned our speaker Richard Hardon the designation of #1 Speaker in Georgia and one of the top 100 Speakers in the world by Toastmasters International. The movements he teaches are a metaphor for each of the steps needed to obtain success and continue a lifelong growth journey. During the session attendees will receive a 5 Point Roadmap for achieving meaningful goals despite turbulent times. They will be encouraged, not just by the speaker, but by one another to overcome mental barriers and blockages to achieve new breakthroughs. When this personal growth party is over they will explode old limitations, and be ready for launch to the next level.

What Will You Learn in Richard’s Keynote Session?

It’s no secret that great ideas can change the world. Richard’s keynote sessions help you become better for your future and encourage you to focus on what ahead of you. His inspirational keynote sessions will improve your mindset and help you reach seemingly impossible goals. All of his programs are customized according to the requirement of each audience to align with organizations’ goals and desired results.

His fun, engaging and inspiring keynote sessions enhance your ability to adapt to change and bring out higher flexibility. His motivational keynote presentations unlock an individual’s potential and eventually transform their business, increasing revenue. You’ll be able to create resilient teams to boost productivity and performance, get more positive results and boost the bottom line.

If you want to make your next event a success, invite Richard Hardson as a keynote speaker!

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    Keynote Presentations

    Richard provides customized keynote messages targeted to the specific examples, challenges and needs of his audiences. Each delivery features:

    • Audience and speaker interaction
    • Multi-sensory applications (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic)
    • Collaborative Partner / Small Group Exercises
    • Measurable Action Steps